Unlocking Opportunities for Emerging Brands

Your Catalyst for Growth

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Discover how S&S InnoVisors enhances value for retailers and brands by utilizing our innovative team’s expertise and decades of retail experience. We guide top-tier brands towards growth in sought-after locations within the convenience, airport retail, and college & university classes of trade.

About S&S InnoVisors

We bring brands and retailers together within convenience, travel retail and higher education channels with an emphasis on innovation. Our team deeply understands the challenges that brands and retailers face in a highly competitive retail environment. We offer comprehensive sales strategies to unlock opportunities. Simply put, we are a catalyst for growth.

What Makes Us Different

S&S InnoVisors brings our vision to help our valuable partners grow. Utilizing insights from first-hand research, we advise our partners to make informed decisions about what to stock, where to merchandise, and how to spark sales success.

We Leverage Our Expertise With Our
Four Pillars Of Success.

Leading Growth Brands
Speed to Market
Category Management
Trending Insights

Leading Growth Brands

We partner with brands that drive incrementality within in a crowded retail space. Champions of revenue growth for our brand and retail partners. S&S InnoVisors sees your potential.

Speed To Market

At S&S, our speed-to-market approach activates innovative brands and products to shelf. This offers our retail partners to be “first on the street” and drives brand awareness creating a winning strategy for all.

Category Management

At S&S, we create solutions, offer space management technology, and develop strategies to grow categories, not just brands. We identify gaps in the market and help carve out new store sections.

Trending Insights

At S&S, we use our experience, industry data, and consumer trends to create strategies for success. The key to understanding consumer needs is to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest product categories by channel.

How We Serve Our Customers

  • ECustomer Relationship Management
  • ESales & Category Management
  • EBrand/Product Growth & Development
  • EConsulting & Advisement
  • ESpace Management Planning
  • ECategory Insights
  • ETradeshows Planning & Execution
  • ERetail Activation
  • EAirport Reconnaissance
  • ESpins & Content Syndication

Meet Our Dynamic Team

SSI Team

Where Passion Fuels Innovation

Welcome to the heart and soul of our innovative brokerage! We’re not your average bunch – we are hard-working, dedicated, committed, and creative individuals. From early brainstorming sessions that could rival a rock concert to late-night strategy huddles that feel more like jam sessions, we live by the motto of working hard and playing even harder. Our team is a mosaic of diverse talents, each adding unique flair.

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